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for your morning commute. this is 9news now. >> just minutes ago we started getting the first results from the dc board of elections delayed they say by long lines of voters and a new election system. >> brittany morehouse standing by live now at the board of election. brittany, i thought the whole idea of a new system was to be faster. >> reporter: that's right. you know what you get when you have all of these new machines in here. if you look behind me, there is a board of elections buildings. right there you have a bunch of reporters and you have some voters in there gathered around. most of them circled around computers actually looking on the internet checking for the updates for the results. gone are the days when someone runs down the stairs and hands over a piece of paper. i was told that shortly after ten here, some trucks arrived with the actual ballots in hand. there were about 25 teams that went around with police escorts to gather the ballots. they came back here and now
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they're looking into it. each had three car trijs. all of the car trijz are being loaded into an electrical system here and as the results come in, they're putting them on the website. now, we're told they're only counting today's votes. not the early votes. and i'm hearing there are two precincts in. i believe you have those results back at the station. derek and anita. >> thank you for that. in the meantime, mayor adrian fenty is trying to make the most of his primary day. he joined dozens of supporters hoping to gain some needed extra support at the 11th hour. this is video just minutes before they shut down the polls for tonight. >> we are live at the headquarters where they have been waiting for results. >> reporter: derek, i can barely hear you because of the noise here. let me give you a couple of things, in terms of the turnout light to moderate, people here
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are very encouraged by that. they think that means that vincent gray wasn't able to get his vote out in 7, 8 and perhaps even ward five. they think that is a big boost for the mayor. the other thing, special ballots. thousands upon thousands of special ballots have been generated because of the new rules that brittany has been talking about. so that also posed a problem here. as for what is going on, they seem confident and here is what we heard just a short time ago from some of the people gathered outside the headquarters. are you confident he's going to win this thing? >> i can't be positive. i sure hope so. he surely earned it. >> he's done a wonderful job with the school system. grades have gone up. we've got new parks. we've got new rec centers. >> reporter: what is your gut feeling tonight? does he pell it out? >> i feel -- pull it out? >> i feel good. although there is a low turnout, i've been looking for spirit. i feel good. i think he's going to pull it out. he deserves another four years
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and we're here to support him. >> reporter: for the most part they're encouraged here. a lot more than when they saw the polls showing gray was ahead by as much as 17 points. nobody is willing to predict a victory but this crowd is quite confident. adds for the mayor not here -- as for the mayor not here, his mother and brother are close by. we expect to hear from him. let's go to andrea mccarren at gray headquarters. >> hey, bruce, the crowd here is energized and anxious for results. we spoke to the senior campaign advisor. here is his take on the day. >> as they're furiously counting the votes, everyone is waiting on pins and needles. it's at that point now where everyone has done everything they can. now it's just a game of hurrying up and waiting. but we're feeling good. we're going to be biting our
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nails down to something is called. >> reporter: a total nail biter here . the crowd is absolutely anxious for results monitoring laptops, going through tv channels, running off to radios. everybody wants numbers. of so far we have only heard from ward one, two and three. ward one leading towards vincent gray. ward two and three heavily voting for fenty. all three of those wards going as expected. earlier today, we caught up with a council chairman and candidate vincent gray and asked him about a variety of things, including a question on the minds of a lot of voters; education and what he would do with dc school chancellor michelle rhee if he were elected. here is what he had to say about that. >> we want to make education reform something that is em brationed by all of the -- embraced by all of the people
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across the city and then frankly be able to sit down with michelle rhee. >> reporter: we're back live now. we just got late breaking information that in the district where the votes have been counted, vincent gray is pulling into the lead. of course there is a long way to go tonight. a lot of votes to be counted. some problems with the counting as brittany details. but we are waiting and watching along with a very energized and anxious crowd. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: you're listening to response. vincent gray has pulled ahead. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: i want to talk to some voters. >> i'm so excited. this is what i've been waiting for. this is for everybody all around
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the world. we got it! . [ cheers and applause ]. >> reporter: thank you for your comments. i guess you can see some obvious enthusiasm here. this is what was not expected months ago. it appears to be the impossible. but, again, the night is still young. but for the first time, candidate vincent gray has pulled into the lead. i'm going to send it back to you. reporting live from the vincent gray campaign in downtown washington, i'm andrea mccarren. back to you. >> all right, andrea. thank you. >> as you can understand, a lot of excitement down there. so let's take a quick look at the results as they've come, trick elling is as it were because of problems. right now 6% of the precincts reporting, 59% for vince gray. 39% for adrian fenty. but, once again, 6% of precincts reporting and we have to note for you as this electorate has
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been very polarized by race and part of town, we don't know where the ballots came from. we don't know whether or not they really mean what they appear to show right there. >> and, again, a small number at this point. and also very late in the evening getting those results because of the tabulation problems that they have been having. >> much later than i think most of us expected. >> absolutely. some tense moments is at large councilmen phil mendelson waits to see if voters send him back after 12 years. >> they claim his challenger michael brown has benefitted from name confusion, many people thinking he's actually the sitting at large council member michael a brown. however, mendelson is still confident. >> my sense is that there were a large number of voters who were aware of the name confusion, and that awareness was really what the challenge was. >> his name is on the ballot. if people want to vote for him,
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they can vote for him. why is he concerned why people are voting for someone else? he should be concerned about why people aren't voting for him. >> an if he is elected, brown says he will work for dc voting rights. we should know he is a dc shadow senator and that is why it was created as an advocate for dc. another showdown is michael jackson for prince george's county executive. gary nurenberg has been following the candidate all day and joins us live. gary, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. we are inside the six flags amusement park where many supporters have gathered. a couple of hundred of them optimistic now at the most recent reports of numbers with about 30% of the vote in. they show baker ahead of his primary opponent michael jackson by about 15 percentage points. the other three candidates in that race following with much smaller numbers. as they wait inside the amusement park, many of them are taking roler coaster rides. -- roller coaster rides. kind of a metaphor to the
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campaign. he will be out to address the supporters as soon as the race is eventually called. baker in his third try for the county executive seat appears to be on the road to victory. we'll keep an eye on what happens to the podium and we'll bring you the remarks as he appears. a real sense of optimism with a roughly 15% lead for baker unofficially we'll be out when those results are official any moment. back to you. >> all right. gary nurenberg, the best election party i've ever seen. it's got a roller coaster. >> [ laughing ] . meantime, angela brooks is in the lead for the race for the state's attorney's job. she is ahead with 42% of the vote but only 32% of the poles have been reporting. also if brooks does win, she would run uno posed in the election -- unopposed in the election in november. also 34% apiece of the votes
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while high also has 34%. again, that is with 30% of the precinct reporting. in montgomery county, it looks like republican douglas rosenfeld will face off against ike leggett in november. >> he won for montgomery county executive with 67% of the votes. maryland governor martin o'malley has won the democratic primary with ease in his bid for a second term. o'malley defeated little known candidates winning 86% of votes cast. he will now have a rematch with robert urlich in november. murphy a 33-year-old political novice was largely an unknown until former vp candidate sarah palin endorsed him last month. but urlich still one with 86% of the votes. turning now to the u.s. senate seat in maryland.
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>> first the democratic primary. the latest results put mcculsky in a lead and it's looking like an easy win for her. and on the republican side it's crowded. 11 gop candidates. the latest results show it's a race now. and now a couple of other races we've been watching closely. first up to delaware and the senate republican primary. anybody up for a tea party? christine o'donnell backed by sarah palin has upset mike castle who had been supported by the establishment republican party. up in new york, where veteran congress member trying to hold on to his job, of course he has been dogged lately by accusations of ethics violations up on capitol hill. but despite those troubles, the latest results show that he has a pretty solid lead over his challengers. still ahead tonight, sexual tension in the nfl. clinton portis fishes on female reporters in the locker room. now hear our take in the new
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segment let's be real or why clinton may have gotten the raw deal coming up. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. getting a little cool out here. when you wake up, it will be even cooler. we're looking at temperatures mid 50s in the burbs. mid 60s downtown. lots of sunshine but another cool start. we'll come back and talk about igor which is one mile an hour from being a category 5. look at the weekend. stay tuned.
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redskins clinton portis has landed himself in the middle of controversy concerning women in the locker room. claims the new york jets sexually harassed a female reporter from mexico. >> clinton portis has been outspoken and controversial for his entire career but he has never been pegged as a chauvinist pig. but that all changed. he was making his weekly appearance on 106.7 the fan when he was asked to comment on that new york jets controversy and the sexually comments made by players to which he replied that women in the locker room are a distraction that create sexual tension. >> a woman in the locker room all of a sudden you see a nice
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woman in the locker room and then you turn and look and you say something to a woman. when you say a woman and she sees 53 athletes, you see what one she wants. >> the nfl releases the comments from portis. i respect the job that all reporters do, it's a tough job and we all have to work in a professional manner. i work and support the team on issues. with that, let's head back to derek in tonight's let's be real segment. >> i looked very, very careful. and let's be real about this. there is a huge difference with what happened in new york with the jets and portis's comments. they were way out of line towards a female reporter. but what portis seemed to be saying in his very unartful way is that a female reporter in a locker room with 53 young athletes in various states of undress is likely to find at
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least one of them is track tif. he didn't say -- attractive. he didn't say they shouldn't be in there. just that they might likely want somebody. wrong thing to say, sure. and the problem comes in because women have worked for really long time for full and fair access. they're still working on that. therefore even the meriest suggestion of unprofessionalism sparks outrage. and portis seemed to go too far when he suggested all female reporters would react that way which clinton portis that is just way too broad. and, lady, i feel you on that. but when we look at what the man actually said, i get the sense that portis was trying in his own way to address attraction between men and women in a professional setting. that it would go on regardless of how they might feel and it's something that's far more powerful and even older than the nfl. and you got your apology all scripted out and maybe this will blow on buy. but let's be fair to clinton
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too. >> i hear you. but what he implied today is that women can't be in a locker room without their minds wandering to love or lust or whatever he was referring to and that does a huge disservice to all of the women. sara walsh worked in this station and i guarantee you she never once walked into that locker room snagging a man. >> i think that's all good. and i think the overall issue here, it's not what people think but what they say and do. the athletes, the supports reporter alike, acting like a professionals having to be a benchmark. with females working so hard to get into the locker room, it's hard to say they're anything but. >> that does it for this one over the top. you don't want to be a part of that panel. here is your forecast first. >> you're not welcome here. >> next three days, 82 tomorrow. very nice. 82 on thursday. some showers late and some showers maybe thursday night. don't change your plans. the kids practices will get in.
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and we're looking at 79. nights again on friday. a little bit -- just a little cooler by the week's end. we'll break down tomorrow. sweater and sunglasses in the morning. 64 downtown to start. but 54 in the burbs. upper 70s by lunch time and low 80s by evening. a very nice day. overnight a couple of changes. clear to partly cloudy and cool because the skies are almost totally clear. i know that is an absolute. a little patchy fog. low temperatures 52-62 and winds north, northwest at about 5-10. now, tomorrow morning partly cloudy and cool. 50s and 60s to start. so the kids at the school bus early, the high schoolers, they'll need a light jacket or a sweater. a little cooler to start. by afternoon they'll carry it home. partly cloudy and present. winds northwesterly at ten. so we're not going to have the strong breezes that we had today. air quality code green. that's good. 81 in rockville. we're looking at low 80s around the beltway. 82 in college park. to the west 82 in fairfax, 81 in
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sterling and maybe 80 in leesburg. all right. the latest on hurricane igor, maximum sustained winds 155. if it were 156, it would be a category 5. so it's just on the verge of becoming a category 5. as we mentioned earlier, the good news as we begin to turn northwest and northward, it's going to encounter some colder atlantic water, and that's going to bring it down to a category 2 or category 3. the hurricane center has it hurricane two passing very close to bermuda sunday afternoon. they'll probably see hurricane force winds late saturday and early sunday. next seven days, low 80s tomorrow. very nice. low 80s on thursday. a couple of showers late thursday and thursday night. that's it. returning nice on friday. upper 70s. and then warm over the weekend. almost mid 80s saturday and sunday. so a warm redskins game. but a dry game. 4:00 starment. you can watch it right -- start. you can watch it right here on channel nine. >> i used to remember when warm
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was 95. >> not anymore. >> it was up there for a while. >> it didn't stay hot long as we know. >> thanks, top. the skins preparing for the texans. we'll be back in a minute with more sports. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere.
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♪ yeah, you're right! [ horns honking ] hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long!
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. in a national season, it was all about steven strasburg and his nuclear power fast ball. who would have figured the team's best pitcher would be a guy that could barely throw 85. that is the deal. hernandez now has double digit wins. he was locked in. eight shutout innings. normally he doesn't strike out a lot of guys but tonight he got six. and the nats' bats were in working order. adam dunn, that is number 35 on the year. and then the even bigger donkey.
11:24 pm
levo himself with the bat. he's always been a great hitting pitcher and he jacks one out of there. they like the braves 6-0. at camden yards, o's and bluejays. they all score on the double. o's roll the jays 11-3. double header on sunday. nfl rules dictate we cannot leave the ravens game on channel nine until it is over, which means if the ravens run long or go into overtime, we could, could miss the start of the redskins gham. please know it's not our decision and hopefully it won't happen. skins got today off. donovan mcnabb sends it promoting the anti-obesity program for the american heart association there and trying to reduce the couch potato factor
11:25 pm
among americas kids. kids and things that owe nature -- of that nature we have to give them an opportunity to run around. in new orleans today, reggie bush faced the ultimate in dignity. the saints running back was stripped of the reward for receiving improper benefits in college. he was the first runner to fore fit the award -- forfeit the award. watch this. look at the spin on the ball. the goalie doesn't even see it. it's rotating and it's in the net. he has no idea. and the guy who picks it says it's in there and the ref agreed with him and it didn't count. so just because you think you saved the ball does not think you saved the ball. >> i'm the man. i'm the goalie. i watched the ball. >> we'll be right back.
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wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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let's get one more check on the election results from our crews in the field as things stand right now. >> let's get started with bruce johnson. he's covering the dcmayor's race live. bruce, what is happening in and out? >> reporter: derek and anita, let me put it this way. it looks like a party earlier. right now the party may just about be over. they have got the same numbers we have gotten. a small sam j that shows vincent gray really dominating right now and there are a number of people here believing that won't change. as a matter of fact, a very noteable reporter says it appears gray has won ward four and we might be on the way for a major win. but we can't get anybody from the fenty camp to come down because they're not here. there are no campaign officials on the floor. no city leaders. i haven't seen michelle rhee
11:30 pm
around here. i haven't seen the city administrator here. the mayor's family is here. we should point that out. they're in this room up here to my left. i've seen his mother. saw the back of his wife. his nephew is here. the family is here. and we would expect to hear from the mayor at some point. obviously when we have more numbers and there is a clarification of how this night is going to end. but right now i don't even think there is as much optimism in this room. i'm not going to go as far as shock or disbelief or anything like that, because they don't have enough numbers and these people have been around campaigning. as a matter of fact, a lot of these people have never been on a losing campaign. adrian fenty he won his amc. he won his effort to run for mayor. this would be the first defeat for him. but i can't overstate how big a defeat this would be since four years ago adrian fenty had it all. he won every single precinct. he is the only elected mayor in the city to win a majority of both the white and black votes. you can't say it anymore plainly
11:31 pm
than that. if he loses, this is huge. my colleague andrea mccarren is standing by. >> reporter: you were just saying the party appeared to be over. well, the party here is just heating up. campaign aid is at the podium right now. let's listen in for a moment. >> we want you to continue to hang in there with us. we're feeling good. we hope you feel good. >>. [ cheers and applause ]. >> reporter: if you just hang in there a little while longer, we know that we will be celebrating a very big victory. >> well, i guess, bruce, that pretty much says it all. they are anticipating a victory tonight. and the numbers appear to be playing that out. overall at this point, the numbers that we have are vince
11:32 pm
gray 68% of the votes to adrian fenty 29% of the votes. again, a lot of people talking about gray's big win in fenty's homeward. i'm going to send it over to my colleague gary nurenberg for the latest. i'm sorry. let's send it back to the studio. >> all right. thank you so much for that, andrea. and as you noted, 69% for gray. 29% for fenty with 13% of the district supporting. this is a very, very late session of returns for us here in dc. but it moves on. >> that's right. another big race in the area is the showdown between baker and jackson for prince george's county executive. gary nurenberg has been following that. gary. >> reporter: good evening. we are inside six flags amusement park victory party with about 32% of the vote in. baker has a 15% lead over his closest challenger michael jackson. about 15 points behind at this point. baker has just come to the stage
11:33 pm
in front of his cheering supporters, including maryland's lieutenant governor who is here to support the cause. he has not talked about substance but rather involved in thanking the people. as you know, it's the third time he's run for county executive, replacing jack johnson who is term limited. johnson supported baker's opponent michael jackson, but that endorsement did not apparently work in prince george's county where baker is now close to claiming victory with a 15% lead. 15 point lead, rather, with about 32% of the vote soon. we'll watch it and if anything develops we'll get back to you. >> all right, gary nurenberg. thank you. obviously the big thing everybody watching late returns in the dc mayoral race as things seem to be going to vincent gray. >> as we know, usually we should note for you that the polls close at 8:00 in dc. most times, most years, and i've covered a lot of races here. right after they tell us the morning boxes, that's the vote that came in before 1:00 or 12
11:34 pm
noon. you get those votes in. those pretty much tell you who won or loss, so you have that information early. this time around we're getting a new system involved. apparently there were lines at polling places now with 13% reporting and, again, it's 11:30 at night and they only have 13% of the votes in. >> and, derek, we really didn't start seeing any kind of results until late in the evening. >> right. >> until after the newscast. >> exactly. so then we were getting 6 and 7. now we're at 13%. 69% for gray. 29% for fenty. look at the numbers. 8400 versus 3500. that's a big lead. so many more votes to be counted. >> bruce johnson was talking about the big upset of ward's four in fenty's own territory and looking at that. and, again, the big shift from earlier on in this previous election where he won it so handedly. >> but he won every single precinct that has been pointed out so many times. almost a coordination for him last time around. and for this time too lose so handedly and to lost so much support i thi

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